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Daniel Jackson (England, 1982) is an emerging Northern artist, working in painting, digital art and design. He was shortlisted in the 2014 automotive interior design awards. Daniel graduated in 2016 with BA(Hons) in Product and Transport Design from Northumbria University Newcastle. His self-portrait ‘Goods on Hanging’ was shortlisted in the 2017 Lynn Painters-stainers prize. His first Oil painting Mona-Eyes on Mattress 2020, was selected for online exhibition ‘in the history’ with the Artist Lounge 2021. The exhibition is available until end of September 2021. 

His first collection of work REFLECTIONS explores the phenomenon of human-machine symbiosis and its potential impacts on society. Since 2017 Daniel has been developing a Neo-Pop expressionist style of sketch painting in mixed-media on a variety of surfaces including Paper, Canvas and Wooden Panel. His experimental piece ‘Mona-eyes’ was painted on a Mattress.   

His quirky approach to art making reveals a lighter side to the artist despite the dark narratives he chooses to explore. His belief that art should “reflect the world around us, and say something about the type of people we hope to become” is a core value to the artist and his work. 

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